About ACFI Uncovered

Course overview

ACFI Uncovered is a knowledge based program designed to empower your people and improve your operational income.

ACFI Uncovered ensures consistent knowledge across your organisation and helps to create a sustainable ACFI model. This online education program ensures all staff understand the important link between care and claim.

Encompassing 16.5 hours of online training for your entire organisation, ACFI Uncovered is endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing and generates CPD and CNE points for each course.

The ACFI Uncovered online training series contains 15 individual ACFI courses. For more information about the 15 ACFI Uncovered courses click here to download a brochure.


“I have 19 staff now actively and voluntarily pursuing me to undertake Provider Assist’s ACFI Uncovered training. My staff are particularly pleased with the online program component which explains each topic and then having to complete a quiz.

As a result of the training, I have noticed a positive difference to the way we are making ACFI claims. The training has assisted my team in increasing our current ACFI claims.”

Carol Alison, Director of Nursing – Kurrajong Nursing Home